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What Should You Consider When Choosing Sockets And Switches?

Dec. 27, 2021

Replacing sockets and switches is a great way to decorate a room or decorate a space. The trick is to ensure that the finish you apply to the sockets and switches blends in with the rest of the room - after all, they will now be a design feature of your room.


Replacing common sockets and switches in a room can transform the space and add sparkle to the room. Whether inside them or as part of a complete redecoration, replacing switch plates is a way to give your room a fresh new look.


So what should you consider when choosing new sockets and switches?

1. Other metal finishes in the room

Whether it's door handles or light fixtures, window latches around the fireplace, you should consider how the new sockets and switches will fit in with the other metalwork in the room.

Sockets And Switches

 Sockets And Switches

Typical finishes available are nickel, brass, chrome, stainless steel and black sockets, although copper and rose gold have become more popular in recent years. We also have people buying our coloured sockets and switches to match their toasters and kettles.


Obviously, lighting also needs to be considered. It's always best to stick to a theme, so if you can tie the lighting to the sockets and switches it should help.

2. Recently plastered walls

There's nothing better than getting a quality plasterer to scrape the walls to remove old artwork or smooth out old wall wobbles, but don't forget that newly plastered walls take months to dry properly. I'm sure your plasterer has said no wallpaper for 6 months, but has he warned you that the drying process will mess up some sockets and switches?


We have plenty of sockets and switches that can be installed on freshly plastered walls. If you want to get more information about the best sockets and switches, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

Water Heater Switch

 Water Heater Switch

3. The general feel of the room

Sockets and switches come in all shapes and sizes, including oval, Georgian, Victorian and everything in between, but make sure it fits the style of the room! Or Victorian and Georgian styles are suitable for more traditional houses, so if you have a modern or contemporary feel then it's worth bearing this in mind.


Also consider whether you intend to design throughout the house. Many of our styles come in many different colours and finishes, so you may want to choose your style and continue to use it throughout the house, just in different colours. For example, a polished chrome switch might suit a bright hallway, but a pewter finish would be more suitable for a dark room.


Another option is to have two different colours in the same room. One of the most popular combinations with this is to use flat white switches and flat black sockets in the same room.

4. Grounds

Moving from white sockets to a different style or colour may sound like a good plan, but beware of older homes. Many (indeed most) of our sockets and switches are made of metal. This means that they must be equipped with an earth wire. Some older homes do not have a proper grounding wire in the house. If this is the case, you must not install metal plates.



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