Wall Switch

About Wall Switch

Wall switch here refers to traditional rocker electrical lighting switch, 10A 250v~; which is used for turn on/off the lightings in people's home.

Today, people are likely to pay more attention to the product design, when they buy the switch and socket product, there is a change from functional aspect to decorative aspect. The product design became the first importance, they will choose the wall switch by considering the color of their wall, the style of the light and furniture;

TNC brand switch always has the reputation for creative design, our product follows the latest fashion. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, specializing in the field of electric product for 36 years.

In 2018, when the frameless switch with high competition on the market, we developed Q6 series wall switch, the most successful series, very special design, frameless but left groove at the bottom;

TNC keeping a keen sense of market, perceived the prospect of smart home industry, focusing on the development of smart home products, came up with the "Smart Scene Switch" concept, perfectly transformed from traditional switch to smart home system.

Our products are popular all over China, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and so on. TNC keep fighting for the best idea for customers.

The wall switch is one of the most common and important electrical devices in the home. While switches usually are used for lights, they can be used to turn electrical current on or off for nearly any electrical device.An electric switch is a device that interrupts the electron flow in a circuit.The negative terminal connects to the charge, and the electrons drive through the circuit. The load receives the current and returns it via the positive terminal to the power source. 

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