AC Switch

About AC Switch

AC Switch refers to the 45A double pole(DP) switch which could cut and connect the electricity power supply for Air Conditioner.  The wattage of a AC is around 1000W-4000W, the rated current up to 20A, but there is compressor in the outdoor unit, when the compressor starts, the starting current is much higher than 20A, in order to make sure the durability of the electricity control, the rated current of AC switch should be 45A.

DP means double pole, when the switch been turned off, both L and N pole cut off from the connection, which makes sure 100% safe while using the water heater for showing.

The most important elements of a high current switch includes: fire-proof, temperature rising, and life time; the material of the product is made of V1 grade fire-resistant PC, terminal is brass which is good at heat radiation, red copper moving contact with silver belt coated which make sure there will be less heat producing, and 10000 times life test make sure 10 years warranty of life time.

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